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Syllabus & Booklist

Syllabus & Book list

Class V


First Terminal:

I. Real English - 5 (English Literature)

1. The King Soloman

2. Rabindranath Tagore

3. Saviour of the Valley

4. From the Railway Carrige

5. Man Mountain

II. Writing Skill-(Paragraph)

1. A Journey by train

2. Rabindranath Tagore

3. Cleanliness

III. Letter-Writing

1. Write a letter to your father asking for money to buy book.

2. Write an application to the principal of your institution requesting him to allow you to attend your classes as you were late due to traffic conjestion on road.

IV. Story writing (With a Moral)

1. The farmer and the goose

2. A wise old owl.

V. Grammar and vocabulary

1. Subject and predicate

VI. Parts of speech (Basic Concept)

1. Sentences (type of sentences)

2. Noun-Gender and Number

3. Pronoun

4. Verb

5. Tense (Simple) : Past, Present, Future

6. Adjective-Degrees of comparison

VII. Translation : (11-20)

VIII. Revision of previous chapter of 1st Term Exam

Second Terminal:

I. Real English/English Literature

1. Sunita williams

2. Respect for work

3. Clinderella

4. Birbal

5. Dr. S. Radhakrishnan – A Great Teacher

II. Writing skill

1. Paragraph writing – Discipline in School

2. Paragraph writing – Demerits of Mobile Phone

3. Paragraph writing – Durga Puja

4. Letter-Writing - Write a letter to your friend inviting him to join your brithday party

5. Letter-Writing - Write a letter to your elder brother who has warned you to misuse your valuable time

III. Story writing (With a Moral)

1. The farmer and the goose

2. A wise old owl

4. Tom Swayer-ch. 3,4

IV. Translation : 21-40

V. Grammar and vocabulary

1. Subject and predicate

2. Adverb

3. Tense-Continuous & Perfect-Present, Past, Future

VI. Revision of Previous lessons

Third Terminal:

I. Dream Awite with me (poem)

II. Writing skill – Write an application to the principal requesting him to grant delay payment of fees

III. Story writing – The Capseller and the monkey

IV. Grammar and vocabulary

1. Collective Noun, Interjection, Parts of speech, Article, Preposition, Tense & Verb, Correct verb form Translation – 41-50

V. Translation – 41-60

VI. Revision of Previous lessons


First Terminal:

I. Arithmetic

1. Revision of old lessons

2. Different Units and their Relations

3. H.C.F and L.C.M

4. Divisibility

II. Geometry

1. Planes, points and straight lines

Second Terminal:

I. Arithmetic


2. Decimal Fraction

3. Percentage

4. Unitary Method

II. Algebra

1. Introduction to Algebra

III. Geometry

1. Angles

Third Terminal:

I. Arithmetic

1. Ratio and Proportion

2. Graphs

II. Revision of previous terms

III. Geometry

1. Triangles


First Terminal:

Chapter 1 : Growing plants

Chapter 2 : Animal Habitats and Adaptations

Chapter 3 : Skeletal System and Nervous System

Chapter 4 : Food and Health

Chapter 5 : Safety and First Aid Revision of First Terminal

Second Terminal:

Chapter 6 : Solids, Liquids and Gases

Chapter 7 : Rocks and Minerals

Chapter 8 : Natural Disasters

Chapter 9 : Light and Energy

Chapter 10 : Force and Energy

Revision of First Terminal

Annual Examination:

Chapter 11 : Measurement

Chapter 12 : Air and water

Chapter 13 : Earth, Sun and Moon

Revision of First and Second Terminal


First Terminal:

Chap-1 : Coming of the modern Age

Chap-2 : Looking Beyond the Sea

Second Terminal:

Chap-5 : Expansion of Europe

Chap-9 : India’s Struggle for freedom

Third Terminal:

Chap.-4 : Revolution communication

Chap.-9 : Our future world


First Terminal:

Chapter 1 : Planet Earth : Our home

Chapter 2 : Latitudes and longitudes

Chapter 3 : maps

Chapter 4 : Two major movements of the Earth

Second Terminal:

Chapter 5 : Searons

Chapter 6 : Earth’s climatic zones

Chapter 7 : The equatorial zone

Chapter 8 : The temperate zone

Chapter 9 : Deserts of the world

Chapter 10 : The frigid zone and Revision of the previous Chapters

Third Terminal:

Chapter-11 : Resources : Types and conservation-A case study of the natural resources of India

Chapter 12 : Saving our Earth

Chapter 13 : India’s neighbours-and revision of the previous Chapters


Name of Book: Computer Masti by Next Education India Private Limited

First Terminal:

1. Revision of level IV

2. Step-wise Gathering of Information

3. Organizing Information using Lists and Tables

Second Terminal:

4. Advanced Scratch Programming

5. Introduction to Internet-Browsing

6. Searching the Internet

Annual Examination:

7. Communication using E-mail

8. Projects

Class VI


First Terminal:

I. Blossoms

1. Revision Lessons

2. it all Began with Drip-Drip

3. The Adventureour clown

II. Writing Skill

1. Paragraph : An Ideal Person

2. Letter : Write an Application to the principal of your school to grant your full fee examption.

3. Story : The Lion and the Mouse

III. Grammar

1. Noun-kinds, Gender, Number

2. Articles

3. Prepositions

IV. Translation : Ex. 61-70

V. Blossoms

1. The Rainbow

2. The shop that never was

VI. Writing skill

1. Paragraph : your Favourite cricketer

2. Letter : write a Letter to your uncle thanking him for the birthday present he has sent to you

3. Story : Develop the outline info a story : A poor man buys sweets-the short measure – the man complaning – the shopkeeper says, “Don’t worry. You will have less to carry”. Man very clever pays less money – Shopkeeper complains the man says, “Don’t worry, you will have less to count.”

VII. Grammar

1. Pronoun – kinds of pronoun

2. Indefinite and continuous Tenses

VIII. Blossoms

1. How the little kite Learned to Fly (poem)

2. The Land of the pharaons

IX. Grammar

1. Adverb and its kinds.

Second Terminal:

I. Blossoms

1. The Magic Fish Bone

2. I will go with my Father A Ploughing (poem)

3. Goodbye to the moon.

4. Smart Ice cream

II. Writing skill

1. Paragraph writing – A visit to a Hill station

2. Paragraph writing – Computer – use and Abuse

III. Grammar

1. Prefix and Suffix

2. Perfect and Perfect Continuous Tenses

3. TAdjectives – Fill in the blanks with proper degrees of Adjectives

4. Verb – Principal and Auxiliary Transitive & Intransvitive

IV. Letter

1. To your Younger Brother advising to read Newspaper Daily

2. To your Neighbour requesting him to keep the volume of his T.V and music system low

V. Story : Write a story using the following hints :

A sailor and his friends – landed on an island – started cooking – island shook – actually a huge seacreture in reality – Sailor and his friends fled to ship.

VI. Translation : Ex. 71 – 80

Annual Examination:

I. Bloosoms

The Blind Boy (poem)

Rip van winkle

II. Writing skill

Paragraph :

Visit to a place of Historical Interest

Letter :

Write a application to the headmater apologising for your misconduct.

Story :

You went on a tour with friends - Stayed the night in a house inside a forest – slept in separate rooms – when you woke up your friend were all gone – your feeling when you returned home.

III. Grammar



First Terminal:

1. Revision of Previous Lessons

2. Concept of 7 and 8 digit nos

3.Roman Nos.

5. Concept of Algebric Variables

6. Multiplication and division of fractions

7. Multiplication and division of decimal fractions

8. Metric System

Second Terminal:

1.Recurring Decimals

2. Geometrical concepts related to Regular Solids

3. Percentage

4. H.C.F and L.C.M of 3 digit nos.

5. Concepts of Ray, line, line segments and point

6. Concepts of Directed nos and number line

7. Square Root

Third Terminal:

1. Data handling and Analysis

2. Ratio and Proportion.

3. Measurement of Time

4. Geometrical concept of Circle

5. Drawing of Different Geometrical figures

5. Revision of Previous Chapters of other terms


First Terminal:

Chapter – 1 : interdependence of organism and Environment

Chapter – 2 : Phenomena around us

Chapter – 3 : Compound and Mixture

Chapter – 4 : Rocks and minerals

Chapter – 5 : Measurement

Second Terminal:

Chapter – 6 : Primary Concept of force and energy

Chapter – 7 : Statics and Dynamics of fluid (Liquid and Gas)

Chapter – 8 : Humany body

Chapter – 9 : Common Machines

Chapter – 10 : Biodiversity and its Classification

Annual Examination:

Chapter – 11 : Habit and Habitats of some important animals

Chapter – 12 : Waste Products

Revision of first term and second term


First Terminal:

Chap. – 2 : Primitive man in the ancient period

Chap. – 3 : Ancient history of India Subcontinent. 1st phase 1000 – 1500 B.C.

Second Terminal:

Chap. – 4 : Ancient History of the Indian Subcontinent.

2nd phase 1500 BC – 600 BD

Chap. – 5 : Indian Subcontinent in the 6th Century B.C. Evolution of state and Religion.

Third Terminal:

Chap. – 5 : Imperial expansion and administration.(6th century B.C – early of century A.D)

Chap. – 5 : Economy and Society (6th Century B.C to 1st half of the 7th Century A.D)

Revision of 2nd Term


First Terminal:

1. The sun, the stars that cover the sky

2. Is the Earth round?

3. Where you are?

4. The Earth’s rotation

Second Terminal:

5. Water – Land – air

6. The Ice Enveloped continent

7. Weather and climate

8. Air pollution and Revision of the previous chapters

Third Terminal:

9. Noise pollution

10. Our country India

11. Maps and Revision of the previous Chapters


Name of Book: Computer misti by Next Education India Private Limited

First Terminal:

1. Revision of level V

2. Brainstorming and Mind maps

3. Synthesis of Information : Uses of Computer

4. Making Presentations

Second Terminal:

5. Multiple Representation of Data : Introduction to Spreadsheet

6. Flowcharts

Annual Examination:

7. BASIC Programming

8. Projects

Class VII


First Terminal:

I. Blossoms:

Chapters: 1.2.3 and 4

II. Grammar:

1. Different tenses and verbs form Agreement of verb with the subject

2. Articles and Prepositions

3. Use of Prefix and Suffix

III. Writing Skill

1. Writing a letter to your friend telling him about a short tour you have been to

2. A thirsty crow (story writing)

3. How to behave during your Recess

4. Write an application to your principal for granting your leave of absence

Unseen comprehension

Translation : Based on Tense

Second Terminal:

I. Blossoms

Chapter : 5,6,7,8,9 and 10

II. Writing skill

1. An International Football Match

2. The cart man and the God (story writing)

3. The day I first landed on the moon

4. Write a letter to your friend inviting him your brother’s marriage

5. Write a letter to your brother about a sad incident that you have witnessed

6. The cup seller and the monkeys ( story writing )

III. Grammar

1. Voice change

2. Change of degrees

3. Use of Relative Pronouns to join

4. Use of Infinitives and participles

IV. Translations – Based on Degree of Adjectives, Voice, Infinitives and Participles

1. Voice change

2. Change of degrees

3. Use of Relative Pronouns to join

4. Use of Infinitives and participles

Annual Examination:

I. Bloosoms

The Blind Boy (poem)

Rip van winkle

II. Writing skill

Paragraph :

Visit to a place of Historical Interest

Letter :

Write a application to the headmater apologising for your misconduct.

Story :

You went on a tour with friends - Stayed the night in a house inside a forest – slept in separate rooms – when you woke up your friend were all gone – your feeling when you returned home.

III. Grammar


Class IX


First Terminal:

January :

Bliss-(Text Book) Lesson-1

Writing Skill: a) Paragraph Writing-General Topics b)Letter writing-To the Editor Official letters.


Articles and prepositions.
correct from of verbs, Voice-change,change of Narration (as mentioned in the exercises of the Text-Book)

February :

Bliss-Lesson-2 and 3

Writing Skill: Processing, story writing, Dialogue writing as mentioned in the Text Book.


Phrasal verbs, joining of Sentences

March & April

Bills-Lesson-4 and 5

Writing Skill

Based on the Text Book.


Simple, Compount and complex sentences and other exercises of Text Book

Second Terminal (May to August)

Bliss-Lesson -6 and 7

Writing skill

Letter as given in the Text Book


Transformation of sentences


Bliss- Lesson-8 and 7

Writing Skill

Letter as given in the Text Book


Transformation of Sentences (Affirmative to Negative and vice-versa,Assertive to Interrogative & Vice-versa,Assertive to Interrogative &Vice -versa,Simple to Complex Vice-versa)


Bills-Lesson 10

Writing Skill

Biography writing,other writing skills as given in the Text Book.


Change of Part of speech (word forms)

Annual Examination: (September, October, & November)

Bills-Lesson 11 & 12

The Blind Boy (poem)

Rip van winkle

Writing skill

Paragraph and Letter writing unseen passage-practise-Grammar-Re-vision & practise of all thew Revision lesson, phrasal verbs..


All the exercises related to grammar & writing skill will be prepared


First Terminal:

1.Real Number

2. Laws of Indices

3.Distance Formula

5. Linear Simultaneous Equations

6.Properties of Parallelogram (Theorems and applications)

7. Polynomical

8. Factorisations

8. Area and Perimeter of Triangle and Quadrilatral

8. Construction of parallelogram equal in area to a given triangle)

Second Terminal:


2.Profit and Loss

3. Logarithm

4.Circumference of circle

5. Area of circle

6.Theorems on Area

7. Mid Point theorem

8. Construction (Construction of triangle equal in Area to a quadrilated)

Note: Revision of First Terminal

Third Terminal:

1.Internal and External division (co-ordinate)

2. Area of Triangle and quadrilateral ( (co-ordinate)

3.Theorems on conqurrence

4. Statistics

5. Set Theory


Note: Revision of 1st and 2nd Terminal.


First Terminal:

Chapter: Physiological Processes of life

a) Photosynthesis

b) Respiration

c) Nutrition

d) Circulation

e) Excretion

Second Terminal:

a) Level of organisation of Life

b) Biomolecules and their behaviour

c) Life and its diversity

Annual Examination:

a) Biology and Human welfare

b) Environment and its resources Revision of its 1st and 2nd Term Syllabus.


First Terminal:


2.Atomic structure, mole concept

2.3.Force and motion

2.Matter: structure and properties. Archimedes Principle, Surface tension Viscosity

Second Terminal:

1.Work power and Energy



4.Acids,Bases and Salt

Note: Revision of chapters of (all) included in first terminal

Third Terminal:


Separation of components of mixture


Note: Revision of full syllabus including first terminal and second terminal syllabus


First Terminal: ( January to April)

Chapter-1 : Some aspect of the French revolution

Chapter-2 : Revolutionary Ideals

Chapter-3 : Europe in the Nineteenth century

Second Terminal: (June to September)

Chapter-4:Industrial Revolution

Chapter-5 :Europe in the twentieth century

Chapter-6 :The Second world war and its Aftermatter

4.Acids,Bases and Salt

Note: Revision of chapters of (all) included in first terminal

Third Terminal:(October to November)

Chapter-7 : The league of Nations and the UNO/h3>

Revision of all chapters.


Physical Geography

First Terminal:


: (a) The Earth as a planet (b) The shape of the Earth (c) Size of the Earth

Chapter-2 : Movement of the earth-

a) Rotation b) Revolution

Chapter-3 :Determination of location of a place on the earth-

a) Latitudes (b) Longitudes (mathematical calculation on longitude and time)

Second Terminal:

Chapter-4 : Geomorphic process and landforms of the earth-

Chapter-5 :Weathering-

a)Types of weathring b)Effects of Weathring c)soil erosion and soil formation d)Method of soil conservation.

hapter-6 :Hazards and disaster-

a) Types of Hazards and disaster b) Disaster management and Revision of the 1st terminal.

Third Terminal:

Chapter-7 : Regional Geography Resources of India-

a)Minerals b) Power

Chapter-8 : West Bengal-

a)Location and administrate divisions. b)Physical Environment c) Major economic activities d) Map Pointings on West Bengal and Revision of all previous Chapters (1st and 2nd terminal)


Name of Book: Name of book-Computer Masti by Next Education India Private Limited

First Terminal:

1.Introduction to Information Technology

2.Introduction to Computer Technology-Computer system

3.Introduction to Computer Technology-Computer Software

4.Operating systm

5. Word Processing tool

Second Terminal:

6.Introduction to Computer Technology- Communication Technology

7.Introduction to Computer Technology-Content Technology

8.Spreadsheet tools

Annual Examination:

9.Presentation tools

10. computing and Ethics


Class X


First Terminal:

January : January to April)

Bliss-Lesson 1 to Lesson 4

Writing Skill:

ALL the topics mentioned in the Text Book as writing activites like-Paragraph writing,Letter to the Editor,Informal Letters, Biography writing Notice Writing,Process writing.


Articles and,prepositions,Phrasal versbs,Narration, Voice Change,Transformation of sentences (change of parts of speech,simple compound and complex sentences)

Note : All the activities related to Grammar and writing skills practised in class ix are to be recapitulated and reinforced.

Pre-Test Examination (May to August)

A.Bliss-Lesson 5 to Lesson 8

B.Writing skill-Story writing, Newspaper Report writing skill-Story Writing,Summary questions,joining and splitting of sentences,Transformation of sentences.

Annual Examination: (September, October, & November)

Revision of all the Lessons activities related to grammar and writing skills.

Revision of all the activities related to grammar and writing skills of Class-ix

Note:Prepare synonyms from text book and beyond the text book content, Practice unseen passage.


First Terminal:

1.Quadratic Equations in one variable

2.Simple Interest

3.Theorems related to circle

5.Rectangular Parallelopiped

6.Ratio and Proportion

7.Theorems related to Anglex in a circle

8. Right Circular cylinder

8. Theorems related to cyclic quadrilateral

9.Construction : Circumcircle and Incircle of a triangle

10.Compound interest and uniform Rate increase or decreases.

11. Trigonometry:Concept of Measurement of Angle

12. Trigonometric Ratios and Trigonometric

Pre Test Examination :

1.Quadratic surd



4.Partnership Business

5.Theorems related to Tangent to a circle

6.Right circular cone

7.Construction : Construction of the Tangent to a circle


9.Real life problems related to different Solid object.

10. Condstruction : Determination of mean proportional

11.Pythagoras Theorem

12.Trigonometric Ratios of complementary angle

13.Application of Trigonometric Ratios-Height and Distances

14.Statistics:Mean,Median Ogive, Mode

15.Revision of Syllabus of 1st Term

Sent-up Examination

Entire syllabus of class-x


First Terminal:

Chapter-1:Control and Co-ordination in living organism

Chapter-2: Environment and its resources and their conservation

Second Terminal:

Chapter-3:Cell division and Cell cycle

Chapter-4 : Heredity and some common genetic diseases

Chapter-5 : Evolution and Adaptation

Sent up:

Revision of its 1st and 2nd Term Syllabus


First Terminal:

1.Thermal phenomenon

2.Concept about over environment

3. Behaviour of gases

4.Chemical calculation

5.Atomic Nucleus

6.Periodic table

7.Current electricity

8.Chemical bonding

Pretest Examination



3.Inorganic chemistry-NH3, H2S, AND N2 (only industrial preparation ),HCI HNO3 and H2SO4 . + Revision of first Terminal Syllabus

Sent-up Examination


2.Organic chemistry

3.Revision of full syllabus of class x


First Terminal:

1.Ideas of History

2.Reform characteristic and observations

3.Resistance and Rebellion : Characteristics and Analysis


4. Early Stages of Collective Action : Characteristics and Analysis

5.Alternative Idea and Initiatives (From mid-19th Century to the Early 20th Century)

6.Preasant, Working class and left movements in India : Characteristics and observations.

Sent up:

7.Movement organised by women Students and marginial People in 20th Century India.

8.Post - Colonial India : Second hall of the 20th Century

9.Revision of all chapters


First Terminal (January to April)

Chapter-1: Exogenetic forces and resultant- Land forms: work of river Work of glacier-work of wind

Chapter- 2 :Atmosphere: Layer s of atmospher- temperature and global warming -pressure belts and wind -humidity and precipitation

Chapter-3 :Causes of ocean- currents- characteristics (types, causes and effect)

2nd Terminal (June to September)

Chapter-4 :Waste management-Concept of Waste sources of waste management and effect

Chapter-5:India-physiographical divisions-water re-sources of India-soilsof India -climate of India-Soils of India-natural Vegetations-Agriculture in India-Industries in India-Population of India Transport and Communication

Chapter-6: Satellite and topographical map pretest

Sent Up:

(complete syllabus) Desk work-maps-Identification of important places and natural resources, centers, sketches of physical features as per syllabus of class x.


Name of Book:Name of book-Computer Masti by Next Education India private Limited

First Terminal:


2.Internet Service

3.Introduction to HTML

4.Styling Text in HTML

5.Introduction to Database

Second Terminal:

6.Database Management System.

7.Inserting tables,Images and links in a HTML document.

8.Threats to Computer and data

9.Impact of ICT in daily life

10.IT Application

After 2nd Term Examination