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Shree Jain Vidyalaya is an institution where competent teachers, state-of-the-art infrastructure and an efficient administration form an integral part. Our mission is to create an environment where young minds are nurtured to face the odds of life by providing them a platform to recognize their talents, strengthen their potential and grow up to become responsible citizens through a holistic approach to learning.

The school is an embodiment of the value ‘Education is Life’. Children of our society are encouraged to live their lives in this institution. Education is much more than simply imparting knowledge. It is about building character and inspiring each individual to be an enthusiastic lifelong learner. A child’s early years are his basic foundation in shaping character, inculcating moral values and preparing them to lead a life with a positive outlook..

Few recognize the creativity, kindness and other values hidden in a child. The educators here strive to bring these qualities of the pupils to the forefront. Shree Jain Vidyalaya has been enlivening and enlightening society since its inception.


Our institution is one of the finest in Kolkata. The school has won numerous awards owing to its excellent education system.


Expert teachers with experience galore deliver each and every lesson with a personalized touch. They use the most advanced teaching methods to impart knowledge.


Being one of the top boys’ schools in Kolkata, we give importance to both co-curricular activities and academics alike for the overall development of the students.


The school library, being learner-oriented, is equipped with a wide range of books, journals and magazines on various subjects and disciplines. The students as well as the teachers have access to a variety of resources.

Why Choose Us

We are one of the most reputed institutions in Kolkata. Our approach to teaching is child-centric and we encourage parents to be actively involved in their child’s education. Academic issues of a child are treated with urgency and taken care of by our expert educators. With a strong belief in secularism, utmost respect is given to all religions but religious teaching of any kind is thoroughly discouraged. Thus, a balanced program with equal weightage to academics and extracurricular activities makes our school an ideal one.

Certified Teachers

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Practical Lab

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Sports facilities

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Library Services

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Shree Jain Vidyalaya has well-equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs with adequate ventilation, for students of Classes XI and XII for their practical classes. It is here that students apply all that they learn in their theory classes. Teachers and lab assistants are there to guide them and also keep strict vigil for safety purposes.

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The school has a well-organised Computer lab at the students’ disposal strictly for educational purpose. Students enjoy an easy access to the latest software. Computer textbooks are customised for students while trainers guide them through the virtual world. Students make interesting cyber projects on a variety of subjects such as newspapers, book marketing, conservation, railway reservation, using software such as MS-Office and Visual Basic.

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In the age of technology when love for reading books is fast fading away, Shree Jain Vidyalaya boasts a spacious and well-stocked library with more than 3,500 reference books and text books on diverse subjects, to revive the joy of reading and inculcate among its students, the habit of reading. Periodicals, newspapers in English and Hindi, latest magazines, and approximately 900 fiction, non-fiction books and novels are a part of this treasure trove of information.

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Our community hall is large enough to accommodate a huge number of people. It can be used for multiple activities such as: Lectures, Presentations, Dance classes, Fitness sessions as well as Public meetings.

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Success Story

Some of our students quote about their learning time and success.

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